A Day at the Lake…

Yesterday proved to be a beautiful day! Sunshine, a nice breeze and not too much fast traffic on the water. Talk with anyone who grew up on a lake and you will find endless stories of memories filled with family, friends and wonderfully adventurous, simple fun!

I was recently given a copy of the little 1955 booklet, “The Land Without a Sunday” written by Maria Von Trapp where a country had adopted a staggered work week schedule where all had a different day off. With the loss of the traditional Sunday, the society, community and family had loss the opportunity to come together in play and worship.

Today, I understand Manchaug Pond will serve a grander role … its waters will be used in the baptism of a child.

Baptisms have long been held at Manchaug Pond with my own former neighbor bringing his congregation from the West Sutton First Baptist Church to her shores for such events.