Who’s Singing This New Song?!

The Sutton Conservation Commission and MassDEP are to thank for bringing our waterlevel up this spring and summer. Mandating the dam owner keep to the historic 1930 rule curve has resulted in our lake coming back to life. My daughters have found frog eggs, salamanders, and crayfish once again while my neighbor down the road says her spring peepers are back. She says her shore has been invaded by a horrible amount of invasive weeds, but her frogs are back.

I’m happy for her. Wish I could say the same as mine have not returned. Spring peepers have sung their songs in the wetlands behind my house every year since I’ve been here. All my children have gone to sleep to the sounds of crickets and peepers. The change in the water level dried the cove and wetlands last year. And now Something new has moved in which I haven’t yet met or identified. Haven’t seen it. We just hear them loud and clear – 4 -5 of them calling to each other and their seems to be some off in the distance. There is also another sound with a twangy bullfroggy sound. Listen to the video/podcast and tell me if you know it.

One of the neighbor’s with a summer camp, spent an overnight recently and couldn’t believe how loud they were – he reported wearing earplugs to bed! It took me 4 tries to record them tonight because if they heard me coming, they’d stop. I went on eNature’s field guides listening to bird, frog and insect sounds but couldn’t find them.

Any ideas?