Saturday’s MPA Social

It was very nice to see a good many of our lake neighbors once again! With a higher seasonal population of property owners (not to mention the campers!) who come from far and wide, this very informal event allows us to chat over a hot cup of coffee and catch up on lake friends and neighbors as well as discuss where we are as a lake community. Welcome to our new neighbors and members from Area 2 and Area 4 and friends from the campgrounds – I’ll be sending you more in the mail!

Our 319 Stormwater Grant Coordinator, Marty Jo, also had our exhibit with photos and actual plans of the work being done around the lake to improve our water quality and reduce aquatic weed growth. Plenty of handouts were available on how-tos/best management practices around the home with the lake in mind as well as booklets and floating key chains from the DCR Lakes and Ponds Program.

Also available was a very abbreviated flow chart on the waterlevel issue identifying the short-term and long term goals and the directions our dam owner has taken Manchaug Pond with their various filings and lawsuits with and against local and state government. Not pretty.

Special thanks to the YMCA for use of the facility; to Linda for the great signage placed strategically around the lake letting us know of the event; to Sallie and Bill for organizing and offering our MPA hats, t-shirt, and flares for sale; to Paul for the hot coffee and all the supplies that go with it and to Alice for the large basket of fancy pastries: cinnamon rolls, little chocolate things and the raspberry and apple goodies! And of course to Mr. President for providing lots of topics to talk about!!

See you on the lake and at the August Annual Meeting!

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  1. I won’t be posting the flow chart as it just looked to provide those who are not on the internet with a very brief outline as to where the dam owner has taken Manchaug Pond with all these filings and lawsuits on the local and state level.

    Not even waiting for the ruling of the commission/agency/court they are before, the dam owner continues to initiates new filings or suits with more agencies or courts proposing something even more devastating to this lake.

    At some point during their “feeding frenzy”, we are hoping they will look up, take a breath, calm down, and be ready to talk civilly and constructively about the future of Manchaug Pond.

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