It’s Raining Here on Manchaug Pond!

It is finally raining here on Manchaug Pond- not heavy at all but it has been forecasted for the next few days so we should have some gain.

If you’ve been working around the yard, you know the soil is dry, so the rain is welcomed by both the gardens and the lake.

And I will add that we usually do get a good rain each and every year when the peony is in full bloom!

Last night I took a photo of this rock to show how low we still are compared with our actual historic levels. In spring, this rock is submerged just peeking out of the water.

Here’s a look at the flashboards last night.

And the boards again on May 15th. You’ll note the small red tags on the left number each board. It appears that board # 1 was not installed in the dam, just boards numbered 2-7 so we should see another board showing to get a true view of where actual historic levels should be. (Please correct me if my sources are wrong.)

Don’t forget to sign up for the June 11th workshop by Audubon and Trout Unlimited and on June 17th for the garden reception at Coulter’s Colonial Gardens. And enjoy the rain!