If you see this camper… Wish Him a Happy Birthday!

The YMCA was hopping this afternoon as the Captain of “Dah Barge” celebrated his 50th birthday with a bang of a party!

While talking with the campground owner, we recently met this faithful blog reader and lover of Manchaug Pond. The owner of “the tri-hull” (as my husband calls his boat!) is often seen cruising the lake with his family and friends. It is they who suggested we highlight his special day on the blog!

So tip your hat this weekend to the tri-hull and wish him a very Happy Birthday! and many more on Manchaug Pond!

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  1. Happy Birthday Keith! I am really disappointed that it is raining out today or I would take the cover off my boat and join you out on the lake. Seriously Keith, I truly would take the cover off AND pull away from my dock AND go out on the lake. Now Keith, stop laughing, I am being serious! 😉


  2. Oh dear Reader, where were you Saturday?

    We had our MPA Spring Social at the YMCA Camp. Over a cup of hot coffee and a pastry, we could have talked.

    The dam owner did announce at the DEP site evaluation, in April if my memory serves me, that the mill in Douglas did have a buyer. This had also been rumored for a while as an MPA Board member who works in their town heard it from employees months before. So yes, the mill looks like it will remain a mill- a place of business. No condos.

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