Hex Hatch

One of the best indicators of the health of a lake are the bugs that call it home. Last night there was a significant Hex hatch (Hexagenia a.k.a. Mayfly) and this morning I counted over 120 that were resting on the screens and doors of my house. According to my neighbor Harry, this is the largest hatch he has seen during his 75 years on the lake. These Mayflies are a great indicator that our lake is healthy. Click in the title for a link to the EPA Bioindicators information.

Mayflies are loved by Trout as well as the local Robin who has been plucking them off the deck.

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  1. Just to inform the guest and residents of Lake Manchaug, I am a temp resident and enjoyed a wonderful day trolling for fish yesterday. It was unbelievable as I some how managed to catch 7 different types of fish in just a 2 hour period. What a joy it was to catch, yellow perch, Bluegill, Rock Bass, Large and small mouth Bass along with 2 large Pickeral too. My favorite was the White Perch which I thought wasn’t in exsistance here anymore. They give such a great fight on your fishing pole!

    So as a resident, I am so happy to say Thank You MPA for all your hard work and efforts to keep such a lake as Manchaug under close watch and protection. Because of the Lake and the water issues are close to being regular people like myself can enjoy great fishing!

    For me this site is a joy to read and very educational too! You Go MPA!

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