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Anonymous said…

What is your feelings on how this decesion of the Reservoir Watershed is and how this could effect Lake Manchaug? Does this mean the lake is possibly going to face the low levels again and suffer fish and other species loss in the near future?
Thank you for a response.

June 03, 2009 9:47 AM
Corresponding Secretary said…

I do not see the decision of Whitin’s district having an effect on Manchaug Pond. The care and preservation of Manchaug Pond is under the watchful eyes of the Manchaug Pond Association, MassDEP, MassWildlife, Mass Office of Boating and Fishing Access, the Sutton Conservation Commission, Douglas Conservation Commission, Senator Moore, Rep. Kujawski and Rep. Callahan and many others.

As we saw last year and this year, Manchaug is being operated separately and differently from its sister reservoir and I would expect that to continue as the Whitin Reservoir Watershed District takes ownership of their dam and as we advocate for Manchaug Pond.

In addition to the health of our lake, the flow downstream for the river’s health and use is also important – this is addressed by the Order of Conditions issued by the Sutton Conservation Commission and by Manchaug’s updated low-level gate which maintains a constant minimal flow.

Thanks for the question!
June 03, 2009 12:11 PM
Anonymous said…

Why in the world would the Whitin Water District Have any discussion or consideration of land taking on Manchaug Pond? The Sutton Town Selectmen let the Manchaug Pond Water District slip away by the two rejection votes of its formation a couple of years ago. It is now going to be very intresting to see how the management of the two bodies of water will look in the upcomming future, as one now will be landowner managed, and the others future is still quite uncertain. Good luck to all!

June 05, 2009 11:45 AM
Corresponding Secretary said…

You ask, “Why in the world would the Whitin Reservoir Watershed District have any discussion or consideration of land taking on Manchaug Pond?” The primary interest is in the dam and the waterrights that go with the dam.

The value is in the water. Both Manchaug and Whitin feed the Mumford River. Manchaug’s water flows through Stevens Pond, down Manchaug Center at the waterfall into Douglas where it joins Whitin’s water to flow into Gilboa Pond, and then Lackey Pond. Along the way, the water is used by the wastewater treatment plants of the old Guilford mill (when in use) and the town of Douglas. In the past, the dam owner was required to maintain a minimum 16 cubic foot per second flow which was coordinated evenly between the two ponds.

DEP ordered Manchaug’s flashboards in. Whitin’s District states they will put their boards in once they have ownership. Steven’s is closed up tight below us as they are also low. Maybe the Tucker Pond beaver could send a bit of water downstream! Or maybe the new owner of the mill won’t need much water. or Douglas will get more rain than Manchaug Pond has been getting…

Actually, it is no joke and the MPA continues to put a lot of time into the short term-short term goal of keeping the boards in and the long term goal of securing a new owner for the Manchaug Dam. Sutton Selectman did vote twice against a district for Manchaug Pond before all this craziness started. We’ll see where our out of the box thinking/campaign takes us when the dust finally settles.

June 07, 2009 10:15 PM
Anonymous said…

Exactly! Just remember that as the Conservation Comissions are concerned with the historic water levels in the ponds they must be concerned with the flows in the river. If anyone thinks the water levels will superceed the minimum river flow I think they will be in for a suprise!Just as the ponds followed the historic rule for water level I think this will also be true for historic flows from from each water body when things are all said and done. Good Luck to all!

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