Big Rock/Little Rock

Here is “Big Rock” now “Little Rock” as of 4 PM today
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with healthy and happy fish this year!

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  1. The Channel is what should be more of a concern. Now with the water starting to cover over the rocks all new commers will be at risk if they don’t recognize the need to stay in the middle of the channel. I grew up adjacent to the channel and seen many motor boats bottom out there engines and doing severe damage to their props. Maybe it would be a good idea to place information at the boat ramp on this area. Or is it already there? Just a thought not an insult to anyone. I have an extra few bouys and will be donating them to some of these areas that boats of all kinds should be aware of.

    Writer, Is it OK for me to place a few above some of the rocky areas that should be recognized by boaters? Or do I need permission from both towns or who ever is in charge of the lake? Thanks for your response.

  2. You are right that the channel now poses a concern for safety to those who don’t know the lake. As you boat her waters you find the rocks and know when they are a problem and when there is no worry – the rock between the two islands, the one at the ramp, those at the channel and along some shorelines and of course the old causeway itself are a danger.

    Those who have lived on Manchaug Pond for decades, watch the big rock (shown in the photo) with thoughts of the water level not worry about safety. Often I’ve heard as we are driving by, “Oh, the water is coming up, look at the big rock!” There is really only one “big rock” in mind then on Manchaug!

  3. Welcome back to Manchaug Pond! On Saturday, my husband met a gentleman, his two sons and grandson who had a camp years ago on the Douglas side adjacent to the channel – they were up for a wedding shower and took a nostalgic boat ride – amazed Blueberry Island was gone!

    Yes, the old causeway is a source of much grief to many new boaters. The MPA was finally successful some years ago in getting the state to put in the channel markers – but boaters still hit the wall ignoring the arrows!

    The MPA is working to get a sign at the ramp which will allow for the posting of information including a map of the lake, and local rules and regs as well as boat safety info, invasive weeds, etc. We are looking to the grant for funding.

    As for whose in charge… The towns, Sutton and Douglas, and the state have jurisdiction over the lake regulating different aspects – but over the years have not marked rocks. Property owners would be responsible for their docks, etc. A problem with marking with a buoy is when the water level changes the buoy can float off the mark. Also there is the liability issue. As people hit the wall they have often asked me on shore who they can sue.

    The campgrounds put out No Wake signs to help promote safety. A few rocks, I’ve noticed have buoys but I am not aware of any policy or agency in charge of doing so. Hope that is helpful.

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