A Perfect Day…

Beautiful sunshine, a nice breeze, with rain in the forecast… a perfect day to get things done.

A perfect day to…

… survey the Lake!!

Today, two boats from two different companies – one hired by the Manchaug Pond Association, the other hired by the dam owner – one looking to improve the lake, the other looking to cut the size of the lake by half.

… attend a lovely garden reception!!

… check out the water level!!

… rest awhile!! ( female Widow Skimmer – Libellula luctuosa resting on iris)

… try out a kayak!!

… stop and smell the flowers!! (Mountain Laurel – Kalmia latifolia)

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  1. Was the boat in the photo, with the blue windshield, the mapper that was hired by the MPA? I watched this boat go deep into our cove while mapping the lake. I never saw any other boat do that yesterday in our cove.

  2. Uhmmmmmmmmmmmm cutting the size of the lake by half? Why not drain the lake and fill it with cement? Good lord!

  3. That is the boat hired by the dam owner through their latest consulting/engineering firm. We are told they are using sonar to provide an updated map of the land under the water – bathymetry. The state public access board provides a similar map on their website.

  4. Cement the lake, don’t give Interface any ideas! There must be a temper tantrum brewing in the Atlanta HQ with the rain that we are having, adding needed water that makes the lake so enjoyable for those of us that respect the lake and it’s environment.

  5. I placed a small comment in the T&G with regards to a lady who just wanted to bull-doze the dam down. I believe she had no Idea of what Mancahug Lake and what MPA is all about. I directed her to try out the MPA site and educate herself! I enjoy the Lake to Sail and Fish, like many people that live on the shores or just come and visit we all care about what will happen to the Lake. My prayers will include everyone who cares and the lake to stay the same!
    Thanks MPA Joe

  6. Thanks Joe and other readers for setting the Telegram and their readers straight! Don’t let them get you!

    This article’s info is old news to the MPA and a very small part of the story. We cannot sell their assets for them but we continue to work solidly and steadily on the water level issue and ownership of the dam. If they wish to sell to a private corporation or a neighboring watershed district we can’t stop them but we hope they will be willing to sit down at some point and look at Manchaug Pond and its future in a constructive light.

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