Whose Reading the Blog?!

Readership. I find it fascinating! Three counters on the blog track our readers.

Google Analysis says readership is up 31% with 967 visitors checking in 6,011 times since January 1, 2009. Significant wouldn’t you say for a small pond in central Massachusetts with only 120 or so shoreline and waterrights property owners.

Wednesday May 6th was a big day with 114 visits.

Between 35-70 loyal visitors checking in everyday – 85% are returning visitors and 15% are new.

How do our readers find us? Most, 46%, come in directly knowing our website, 44% come in from a search engine such as google, yahoo, or aol with the other 10% referred from verizon or blogger.

Those who do a search, type in such things as “manchaug pond blog”, or whitin and manchaug reservoir”, or “manchaug pond dam” or “lake manchaug assn”. Once in a while a reader comes to the site as a result of a search for something like “flashboards,” “how litter hurts a lake” or “Manchaug Indians.” The keyword search “dep#303-669” brought us 61 visitors while “Lip Rippers Bass Club” brought in 21. “Manchaug Pond Association” and “manchaug pond” are the two most common search words.

Two other counters tell me where readers are from. The cluster map is the latest one to be added to the blog. It is nice to have a visual for all to see and we do have many readers from across the country. Those readers include our shoreline property owners from 33 communities in 7 states as well as family and friends and the many campers who spend their summers here or fisherman who enjoy Manchaug Pond. We also have loyal readers from Steven’s Pond and Whitin Reservoir.

Where ever you hail from, we’re glad you stopped by. If there is specific info you are looking for and you don’t see – just ask!

Also maybe it is time for another poll… what topic should be asked?