Water Rising & Flashboards Still In

The lake is coming up! The rain we had yesterday is doing the trick with run-off still flowing in from the watershed.

A look at the flashboards tells us we have a ways to go to get to the top, but we are thankful that the flashboards are still in.

As you know, the DEP issued a Unilateral Administrative Order to the dam owner to put the flashboards in. The dam owner took the 3 day period given to put the boards in doing so on Friday April 24th. But the dam owner also decided to take the DEP and Sutton Conservation Commission to court in a civil suit to try to get the flashboards back out. With papers served late last week, surprisingly, Monday was the day in court. The judge heard both sides, noted the short notice for the defendants to prepare and himself needed time to read the Asst. Attorney General’s side of the case. A ruling from the judge is expected Friday or Monday. MPA’s President and 2nd Vice President attend and observed the proceedings.

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  1. In my humble opinion, this is really a shame that the DAM owner has his own adgenda at the expense of the environment and everyone that enjoys the lake. Since the DAM owner is “now” saying that they need to lower the lake due to “loss of life concerns”, why not just fortify the back side of the DAM so that it would NOT fail if it was topped due to an epic flood? It wouldn’t cost anywhere near what this DAM owner has already paid in legal fees to put the screws to the environment and all of those people who enjoy Manchaug Pond. I believe that the DAM owner should put his money where his mouth is and follow through with his negative environmental statement and just fortify the dam…period…end of story. Everyone wins, the environment is preserved and the people that live on and those that come to the lake as day visitors all benefit from a lake deep enough to safely boat on and swim in.

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