While Push Continues for Flashboards… WATCH OUT FOR ROCKS!

All are still pressing for “flashboards in!” …. more calls yesterday and today, more meetings scheduled on the push…

This morning the lake was calm – like a mirror. Three bass fishing boats from the State Public Access Ramp came up the channel at a snail’s pace, motors tipped up, with a man at the each bow watching and directing to avoid the submerged rocks. Makes you want to yell, “stay right!” and once through the old dam, “stay in the middle!”

This photo was taken Tuesday at the ramp:

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  1. To Corresponding Secretary,

    Could you please tell us what 1/2 PMF Storm Standard is? Also what does NOI stand for too?

    #1 On the other side could you explain better to us the public, if there has been no determination on the safety of the Dam by the Office of Dam safety, how can there be fines addressed to the dam owner?

    #2 If the DEP ordered the flash boards in last year and the SCC made an order of conditions which upholds the Wetland Act then this should warrant a Breach of a State Order.
    If so our State Senators and SCC, DCC and MPA have plenty of ammunition against the current Dam owner. Do you know why there is a stall?

    Thank You for all your updates and we will keep praying for the flashboards to be installed.

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