Plenty of the Eagle but NO Flashboards

This afternoon the eagle spent quite a bit of time on the old causeway (high and dry) eating a fish. Crows came in to join in the feast, but annoyed – he/she flew off. I watched him fly about two feet above the water, across the lake – the large, powerful wings solidly and deliberately working to bring the eagle decidedly on Blueberry Island.

Photos – none. Sadly, I stood on shore amazed at the beauty but empty handed wishing I could capture at least one photo to share with you – but there my youngest daughter stood front row center at the channel’s edge watching it all with my Canon PowerShot G9 in her hand – but no photos. Ugh.

No flashboards today either. April 1 was the deadline date for flashboards to go in. The dam owner did not come through for us nor for the environment here on Manchaug Pond.

April 2nd puts other wheels in motion. We have had meetings, emails and phone calls just in case our dam owner didn’t pursue other options. Like the eagle’s wings, we will continue to work consciously and deliberately to achieve

the short term goal of getting the flashboards in to prevent long-term damage.

We know the urgency of our effort. Progress is being made. Late last night and today we received emails and calls which were most encouraging from those in the driver’s seats and two new angle’s identified with a meeting Monday. Good.

We just need to stay on task, to keep to the plan, to feed information to the agencies making the decisions – all to be most effective. Camper emails are coming in calling for rallies, bus trips, letter campaigns and more. There is nothing more powerful than a grassroots campaign, but we need the campaign to work where and with the agencies currently making the decision, currently on the case.

What can you do? Keep the MPA informed of adverse impacts as they arise. If this issue effects you, put it on paper and send it to the commissions and agencies involved. The Sutton Conservation Commission just issued an Order – they need to be kept informed. The Douglas Conservation Commission also upholds the Wetlands Protection Act and needs to receive our testimony. Also copy to the state DEP waterways, fisheries, … keep the facts coming…

And if that all isn’t enough, how about the latest rumor that a local business is seriously looking at buying the mill. It might be nice to have a change of dam owners about now!