Manchaug Wildlife: Woodpeckers of all kinds!

Through it all, we are finding new friends who share our love for the lake and the quality of life offered by the area – and who appreciate the forum offered by the MPA. This photo and message were submitted this week from a new friend in the watershed.

“Thank you for all the background information about the pond and ramp.

I have seen that you enjoy reporting about the birds and wildlife in the
Last week I observed 5 different kinds of woodpeckers in my back yard.
Male and female downy woodpeckers
A male hairy woodpecker
Male and female red-bellied woodpeckers
A northern “yellow shafted” flicker
and a pileated woodpecker (see photo attached)

Thanks, again.”

What a great photo Dick! Last summer we often hear three pileateds calling to each and their distinctive drumming resonating through the nieghborhood. They are huge, loud birds! My daughter in the Douglas woods has quite a few new holes in the oaks in her yard. No small damage! We’ll have to see if we can find where they nest. Thanks for submitting!