I’m with you, Bubby!

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This is more like a drama blog on a yearly basis. Boards will be in and everything will work out. Have a great summer….bubby

April 17, 2009 3:51 PM

Bubby! I totally agree… but if you only knew how much time the MPA Board of Directors and so many others on the town and state level are putting into this drama you’d buy a front row seat!

Here’s a look at the flow leaving Manchaug today. Open and open WIDE!

Totally white water.

The area between the two ponds, Manchaug and Steven’s, is totally flooded. Yesterday when I walked by I could clearly see the land where the skunk cabbage is growing.


Ready Bubby for more drama? Here we go… April 15th MassDEP’s Wetlands Section Chief held a site evaluation at Manchaug Pond. He started the meeting at the dam, walked down to a wetland on Holt Road, and then drove to the inlet at The Old Holbrook Place Campground. What did he find… low-level gate open, no flashboards in and water flowing over the spillway; bordering wetlands down 2 feet and drying out; all 5 1/2 miles of bank dry; the majority of the shoreline in its natural state – unpopulated; concern for shallow wells of property owners; coves which provide habitat for turtles, frogs, ducks, etc – dry; spawning areas for fish – also dry.

The Chief told all in attendance he would most likely have a determination in about a week. His attorneys took notes…


Let’s look to tomorrow … the state has given the dam owner the “out” they needed from their dilemma ~ “compliance” is the right thing to do.

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  1. Hope they comply. With the dam wide open the water went down considerably since yesterday and that was with rain!

  2. This is not Bubby, but maybe Fuddy has been looking down on this situation and made a push from up above. Sounds like something he would do for the people of Manchaug Lake and the MPA!

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