Hang Tight – Don’t Panic and Don’t Act Desperate!

Here’s the recap as of today:

Our dam owner filed a NOI (Notice of Intent) last August with the Conservation Commission in Sutton to take the water level down. March 4th there was another public hearing before Sutton Conservation Commission at which the dam owner presented an even lower level siting a need to comply with 1/2 PMF Storm Standard (Possible Maximum Flood – lot of variables go into the calculation and it is specific for each dam – etc. Rip rap or black top on the earthen side is the solution.)

Bottomline: Dam owner is trying to identify a new owner for the dam.

Whitin Watershed District reports a friendly take over of their dam is just a vote away with the details all ironed out.

With respects to Manchaug Pond Dam, the dam owner reports all serious proposals will be considered!

To date we have on record:

* a 3/24/09 order from Sutton Conservation Commission to keep at historic levels.

* a 4/6/09 letter from Office of Dam Safety to dam owner stating the dam has not been ruled unsafe, please submit more info, and dam owner is obligated to comply with local Conservation Commissions.

* a 4/9/09 letter from Mass Department of Environmental Protection to dam owner ordering historic levels be maintained – flashboards in – during appeal process.

Tomorrow will give you an answer as to whether the dam owner complies or not.

MPA continues to work on short term goal of getting the flashboards in and low level gate closed and a long term goal of identifying a dam owner for the Manchaug Pond Dam and an Operation and Maintenance Plan calling for historic levels, as well as doing some creative thinking out of the box to identify all options.

Stay home, stay calm, stay to the plan. I’ll report more tomorrow.