Hang Tight – Don’t Panic and Don’t Act Desperate!

Here’s the recap as of today:

Our dam owner filed a NOI (Notice of Intent) last August with the Conservation Commission in Sutton to take the water level down. March 4th there was another public hearing before Sutton Conservation Commission at which the dam owner presented an even lower level siting a need to comply with 1/2 PMF Storm Standard (Possible Maximum Flood – lot of variables go into the calculation and it is specific for each dam – etc. Rip rap or black top on the earthen side is the solution.)

Bottomline: Dam owner is trying to identify a new owner for the dam.

Whitin Watershed District reports a friendly take over of their dam is just a vote away with the details all ironed out.

With respects to Manchaug Pond Dam, the dam owner reports all serious proposals will be considered!

To date we have on record:

* a 3/24/09 order from Sutton Conservation Commission to keep at historic levels.

* a 4/6/09 letter from Office of Dam Safety to dam owner stating the dam has not been ruled unsafe, please submit more info, and dam owner is obligated to comply with local Conservation Commissions.

* a 4/9/09 letter from Mass Department of Environmental Protection to dam owner ordering historic levels be maintained – flashboards in – during appeal process.

Tomorrow will give you an answer as to whether the dam owner complies or not.

MPA continues to work on short term goal of getting the flashboards in and low level gate closed and a long term goal of identifying a dam owner for the Manchaug Pond Dam and an Operation and Maintenance Plan calling for historic levels, as well as doing some creative thinking out of the box to identify all options.

Stay home, stay calm, stay to the plan. I’ll report more tomorrow.

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  1. This is all very positive and good for our pond. The State agencies such as the DEP and ODS have really tried to protect and preserve our pond! The Manchaug Pond Board of Directors have worked very hard for a long time. Isn’t a silly thing that a large multi-million dollar company such as Interface relies on US to be real estate brokers for their dam! Has the National Grid been notified that the dam is available? This is just the type of GREEN project that corporations are getting involved in now. If a possible new owner is identified then the DAM people will let the waters rise!

  2. This is to bad that every spring there are these issues about flashboards. I’ve decided to take my camper out of Kings and locate to another lake without level/damn issues! Good luck people! Have a nice summer walking around dead fish and bird crap!

  3. With a remark like that im not sure that we want you vacationing on our wonderful resource!!Good luck at your new campsite 🙂


  4. How can you blame the person wanting to leave after last year and now this year ahead? He has paid a high amount to camp at Kings and now he and his family can’t take another year like the last. Is he wrong to state the real facts, Dead fish, bird crap? Soon it will be a mud puddle if the State and State Senators don’t do anything again. Remember don’t blame the people who want a NORMAL lake and want to enjoy basic water activities, blame the Dam owner and make it public!What do you have to lose at this point? Except the best Lake around?

  5. I believe I heard on the radio that a Northbridge company was actually taking over a mill and going back to producing their own electricity like years before. Maybe this might light a fire under a new owner to want the same for our lakes that are in desparate need of an owner who really cares.

  6. This is more like a drama blog on a yearly basis. Boards will be in and everything will work out. Have a great summer….bubby

  7. MPA sec, Do you know why there has been no boards placed in when on 3/24/09 an order by the SCC was submitted to the dam owner, along with the DEP also having the same order? We are concerned why our State and local town leaders won’t act against the dam owner? Also if the dam is safe according to the Office of Dam Safety then why haven’t they placed a violation against the current dam owner? We all are curious why these orders are not being followed and addressed. Thanks for all your hard work to get our lake back!

  8. Action has been taken… as of yesterday, we understand the flashboards have been ordered in by DEP giving the dam owner three days to comply.

    The Towns did take full action through the
    Sutton Conservation Commission’s Order of Condition but that has been appealed by the dam owner to DEP so that stalls things and in Douglas, the Conservation Commission has asked the dam owner to file a Notice of Intent for Manchaug Pond.

    And Bubby, you are right since 2006 when the dam owner moved their operation south we have had plenty of drama worrying about the future ownership of the dam and water rights of Manchaug Pond.

  9. I am curious whether or not the state has or will step in. There are many who read your updates and are anxiously waiting for compliance. Is there something that we can do – write letters to state agencies, state representatives, etc.?

    Are there consequences, like monetary penalties for non-compliance?

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