SATURDAY, April 18th beginning at 9:00 a.m. at the State Public Boat Ramp, in cooperation with the Town of Sutton Highway Department

and enhanced by our DEP 319 Non Point Source Pollution Grant… MPA members and friends will hit the pavement with gloves and garbage bags in hand to clean the roadsides, break the waves with small boats and long arms to clean the shoreline and take to the turf with rakes to spruce up the ramp all in a Manchaug Pond/watershed-wide cleanup event!

So mark your calendar, call out your Boy and Girl Scout Troop, grab the neighbor and relatives and get out here and join us! Come early, stay late! Come late, leave early! Just come :))

Rain or Shine!

Bags and the dump truck will be provided but you should bring your own gloves, rake, etc. We’ll ask the treasurer to pick up a few refreshments.

The educational exhibit made possible by our DEP 319 grant will provide info on lawn and landscape maintenance in a watershed, septic system maintenance, rain gardens and more! Free handouts.

Check the archives for photos of our past spring and fall cleanup events!

Check DEP’s site: http://www.mass.gov/dep/water/319rfr09.htm

Section 319 of the Clean Water Act of 1987 established a national program to control nonpoint sources (NPS) of pollution. Each year MassDEP issues a Request for Responses (RFR) for competitive projects to be funded through Section 319 grants.This year’s RFR will be issued on or about April 1, 2008. Proposals will be due at 12:00 Noon on June 3, 2008.

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  1. any idea if when they have two put the boards in or are we going to lose another summer.
    thanks for any info you can give me.

  2. I cannot tell you when the boards will go in. I hope and pray we do not have another low summer as the effects will be devastating to the whole lake- never mind recreation and camping.

    Where we do not own our dam, our fate lies with others. The local and state environmental regulators are calling for the boards to go in. But the dam owner counters by stating the engineers recommend he be conservative and keep the lake low. Dam safety regulators don’t tell dam owners at what level to keep their water unless the dam is unsafe, they just want the forms filled out, the inspections complete and the engineer’s stamp in place.

    I will let you know the minute I hear something from those in control.

  3. Quick review:
    Dam owners lower water for safety concerns.
    State says dam is OK that safety is not an issue.
    Dam owners want to sell the dam but NO one will want to buy a dam that is not retaining any water.
    Dam owners are not fixing the dam that would encourage any buyers.
    Conclusion: Dam owners must want to own this property FOREVER, otherwise they would just fix the dam, sell it, then LEAVE. It will NEVER sell with the water so very low.

  4. NOT QUITE on the review. TRY THIS:

    State says dam is OK that safety is not an issue.
    Dam owner wants to sell the dam but NO one will want to buy a dam PERIOD AS THEY DON”T NEED THE water, THEY JUST WANT THE MILL BUILDING.
    Dam owners are not fixing the dam as they don’t want to have AN OPTION TO ADDRESS THE 1/2 PMF STORM STANDARD.
    Conclusion: Dam owners ARE TRYING TO MAKE US MISERABLE SO THEY WON’T own this property FOREVER, otherwise they could just sell it, then LEAVE.

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