3:45 today the flashboards were installed!

The flashboards are in and the low level gate is closed!

You will see water still flowing as the boards have to swell a bit now that they are in place.

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  1. Last year the boards went in May 13th but the low level gate remained open for a couple weeks.

    We are elated the dam is closed – we still have time to capture some run-off from the watershed and pray for more spring rains. We still have the dam owner’s appeal to DEP and upcoming filing with the Douglas Conservation Commission. This does lessen the urgency of the situation as feel there is still rains to come which will bring up the water level filling spawning areas along the shore, coves and boarding wetlands so fish and wildlife are not harmed. The MPA remains vigilant and will work this issue through to the end.

  2. Great Job MPA, Question:
    Who ever took these pictures knew when the flash boards were going in. So with that in mind does that person know if the owner directed them in and how many just to keep us quiet for now. Or are there more boards to be placed in to capture all rains and runoff for the lake to go to a normal level and that is still a long way to go.
    But we would like to say good hard work from all involved that raised an eyebrow or stood up for the right cause. Lets not stop here, lets fill it to its max level!
    Thanks MPA, Resident that appreciated all your hard work.

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