Today’s Picture: State Public Access Boat Ramp

One lone bass boat is fishing this side of the causeway. Lots of rocks in Manchaug. Rocks where you launch, rocks in the channel, and rocks around the shore. Actually, they’re boulders.
Scroll down….. does your club have a tournament next month on Manchaug Pond?

2007 the MPA compiled a list of 25 clubs with a combined membership of over 430 members who scheduled weekend events on Manchaug Pond from the state Public Access Ramp. Big bass clubs aren’t the only organized groups but also canoe and kayak clubs. This year the season starts April 19 with the Lip Rippers Bass Club with 16 members and the Bass Pigs with 20 members on the 26th. Just a quick scan through the list shows a lot of new clubs we didn’t record in 2007 – I mean just the first two are names you don’t forget! That alone is a lot of people accessing Manchaug Pond through the ramp – not to mention the recreational boaters skiing, tubing, etc who don’t belong to clubs, and all those that come during the week without a permit.

Here’s photos from 2005, of a few of the many members of a RI canoe/kayak club heading for the ramp after a trip around Manchaug. This event was advertised with Barnes and Nobles sponsoring – Moonlight on Manchaug – I believe.

Let’s paint a picture where the water level is up to it correct level, higher and deeper than today, so the public can access this Great Pond .