Today’s Painters: Eagles Visiting Manchaug Pond!

Things are looking up today…. Two eagles were spotted on Manchaug Pond this morning: an adult and an immature. The adult is easy to spot with its white head and tail feathers while the young lack the white feathers.

Mary Griffin, Commissioner of the state Department of Fish and Game reported seventy eagles were spotted during the one-day survey held this past January. If you remember from January through March of 2007, eagles were a common sight on Manchaug Pond: 1 adult and two young spent months fishing and soaring over Manchaug and Steven’s Ponds.
Check the blog archives to see what we reported in 2007!

They are a magnificent sight – and paint a majestic picture!

(David L. Ryan/Globe Staff/ file 2008)

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The first photo is courtesy of First Light Power Resources