Today’s Painters: Eagles Visiting Manchaug Pond!

Things are looking up today…. Two eagles were spotted on Manchaug Pond this morning: an adult and an immature. The adult is easy to spot with its white head and tail feathers while the young lack the white feathers.

Mary Griffin, Commissioner of the state Department of Fish and Game reported seventy eagles were spotted during the one-day survey held this past January. If you remember from January through March of 2007, eagles were a common sight on Manchaug Pond: 1 adult and two young spent months fishing and soaring over Manchaug and Steven’s Ponds.
Check the blog archives to see what we reported in 2007!

They are a magnificent sight – and paint a majestic picture!

(David L. Ryan/Globe Staff/ file 2008)

For more information:

The first photo is courtesy of First Light Power Resources

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  1. is there a link to rules and regulations on the pond?
    Question is: is there a limit on how far a dock can extend into the pond in feet?

  2. YES! Both the state and town regulates docks. Here’s the latest from the Sutton Conservation Commission Policy on New Docks. You can also check out the websites for both Douglas and Sutton Conservation Commission with the links provided to the right under “For More Information!” If you have an existing dock, it is most likely “grandfathered” but it would be good to check the regulations and perhaps update with reflectors, etc.

    Here’s Sutton’s policy:

    “Docks must be located 25 feet from property lines or for properties less than 50
    feet wide in a central location.

    Docks may be no further than 30 feet into the water measured from the high water

    Docks may be no larger than 300 square feet.

    All applications must be accompanied by a complete plan to scale.

    Permits for Docks:
    For a new Temporary or Removable Dock:
    Applicant must file a Request for Determination with the Conservation
    Commission even if there is no bank disturbance or a Notice of Intent if
    the bank area is disturbed. A permit is not required to remove Temporary
    Docks in and out of the water.
    For a Permanent Dock or Permanent Bank Alteration:
    Applicant must file with the Conservation Commission and must
    file a Chapter 91Waterways License Application with the State. Permanent
    structures are subject to MGL Ch. 131 Section 40. Bank disturbance may not
    exceed the lesser of 5% of frontage or 25 feet.

    All docks must have permanent reflectors on each corner.

    A Chapter 91 Waterways license is required for all anchored in-water, off shore
    floating, swimming docks or pontoon structures.

    There may not be more than one dock per parcel.

    This policy shall not serve to diminish the requirements of MGL or 310 CMR 9.00
    but may be applied more stringently as reserved herein. The Commission may
    grant certain variance(s) with cause or hardship to this Regulation. This policy
    shall not apply to existing or and/or licensed docks before October 1, 2007. For
    any substantial repair with major alteration, a Request for Determination or
    Notice of Intent shall be filed with the Commission.

    For further information, contact Mark Briggs at: 508-865-8728, leave message.

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