Manchaug Dam Hearing Weds 3/18 at 8:00

Weds., March 18th 8:00 p.m. continued public hearing for the Manchaug Pond Dam. See you there!

The documents presented at March 4th’s public hearing including the dam owner’s revised Operation & Maintenance Plan and rule curve look to:

* reduce the lake 65 acres from 360 acres to 295 acres!

* take the peak water level down 3 1/2 – 4 + feet from over 519
elevation to 515.4 (significant for a pond with a mean depth
of 13 ft.) and even lower in fall and spring!

* impact 100% of the bank or 5 1/2 miles of shoreline which provides
spawning area, wetland habitats, etc.!

* disconnect coldwater tributaries, one of which is documented
habitat for native brook trout by Mass Fisheries & Wildlife!

* adversely impact private wells around the lake!

* cut off public access to the Great Pond!

Wednesday, March 18th at 8:00 p.m. Sutton Conservation Commission – Continuance of Public Hearing on Manchaug Reservoir Corp revised NOI for Manchaug Reservoir. DEP # 303-0669

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  1. Well it looks like this will be my last year camping at the lake. Thats to bad about the water levels and outlook. How come we never hear or see anything from the homeowners of the lake? These people should be up in arms yet….never see anything? Time to move on…….the lake will end up being a swamp for sure!


  3. Dear Reader! Interface says the water will be lowered but the DEP ordered the flashboards in last May! and that still holds.

    Sutton Conservation Commission’s order is due next week and now Douglas is getting involved with Whitins and Manchaug. The Commission’s charge is enforcement of the Wetlands Protection Act. This is a gross violation – with a scope that is permanent and extensive.

    Our three campgrounds do have much to loose, as does shoreline residents who have property values, docks, wells and as Rep Kujawski stated the whole quality of life for those in the community, users and down stream in the Blackstone River watershed. .. the town could be looking at a signigicant loss in property tax revenues – A Board member on the School Committee is worried about the repercussions to the schools. The non-profit YWCA utilizes the lake for day campers all summer. Fishing clubs use the lake for recreation. Downstream has uses for hydro power and treatment plants. We are seeing dry coves, fish kills, drying vernal pools…. the effects are far reaching and well beyond recreation. Yes, there is much to loose!

  4. I understand safety.

    I understand liability and insurance costs.

    I understand red tape and the need to following rules and regulations.

    I understand priorities and Goal #1,

    BUT I also understand and would like to see a fulfillment of Interface “Mission Zero: our promise to eliminate any negative impact our companies may have on the environment by the yar 2020.”

  5. Don’t give up; If Interface has been ordered to put the flashboards in then they will be in (at least let’s hope so)
    and campers and residents we’ll be enjoying Lake Manchaug and it’s beauty come this summer

  6. I am one of those people who live on the lake and now I must decide to move on or not? I recently boat a sailboat that I cannot even try to use on the lake anymore due to the depth situation. My family for the past 50 years sailed the lake each year with never a thought of losing their favorite past time over dam rights, political powers or selling the dam to make a money maker for some business. Each water front resident will have to alter their beach fronts, docks, and so on. Walking out deeper also consist more of the mucky areas making swimming (the other past time) less desirable. Can someone inform us residents what can we do to stop this reckless act that effects thousands that love this lake and appreciate what the lake has stood for for all these years. Please help, when is the next meeting? Lets all be there to support getting the lake back to the proper levels not to the swamp land that a person mentioned earlier, but if we don’t try to fight this, he/she will be right to say that! Very Concerned

  7. Thank you for your words and support of MPA. We have only begun the effort.

    Personally, we are not moving! I am not waterfront but my husband has been on the lake for 57 years and my children all their life. The lake is our home, our backyard and the members and friends of the MPA her stewards, her voice.

    This is bigger than Manchaug Pond and the Sutton Conservation Commission(SCC). This is the slow death of our lake and its ecosystem. We will see more dying than fish! This case sets a precedence for every pond and dam in the Commonwealth.

    The SCC is coming out with their Order of Conditions on Monday. Jack Sheehan was the only member who voted to deny this gross violation of the Wetlands Protection Act.
    Douglas Con Com’s public hearing is June 1st.

    A mailing to the MPA mailing list will go out this week. If you are not on the list, we will put you on: email name, address, phone number and affiliation (downstream, Whitins or Steven’s, fisherman, etc.) at, call a member of the Board of Directors or write MPA, P.O. Box 154, Manchaug 01526

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