Douglas Conservation Commission Mtg. – Part II

As I reported earlier, the MPA received a written invitation to come before the Douglas Conservation Commission to discuss conservation issues where they specifically asked our assistance in passing the word as to what activities fall under the Wetlands Protection Act and what ones do not.

At the Monday, March 2nd DCC meeting, the commission gave us a three fold brochure they had put together and offered a forum for us all to talk about the association, its efforts and hopes for Manchaug Pond. In a relaxed atmosphere we were specifically able to thank the town of Douglas for completing their road work at two sites which is part of the 319 grant to reduce pollution/stormwater, report on the educational efforts of our exhibit, cleanups and workshops of 2008 and look to enlisting their involvement in future grant opportunities focused on water quality and watershed involvement and conservation.

The brochure is available on our website in pdf form at and will be sent to our mailing listing in the weeks ahead.

For our many readers who are not at the lake in winter, you can view the Douglas meetings online as well as check out agendas and minutes yourself! I tried downloading it to the blog but it is too large.

Photos of yesterday’s ice floe blown up on shore.