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On February 4th, the dam owner presented a newly revised operation and maintenance plan for Manchaug Pond to the Sutton Conservation Commission. The dam owner stresses their primary goal is “to maintain the safety and stability of the dam.” The plans bear their engineer’s stamp and will be submitted or have been submitted to the state Office of Dam Safety for approval. The Sutton Conservation Commission is involved through the Wetlands Protection Act to ensure that proposals do not adversely impact the Pond ecosystem.

(I hope that captures the essence of the situation in a simple forthright manner without diminishing the weight of the matter or the responsibilities of the parties involved.)

So… What is the role of the Manchaug Pond Association?

Education. Advocacy. Stewardship.

We need to bring Manchaug Pond to the face of decision makers at all levels. The lake is our backyard, we know it best. We see the impacts. We need to communicate… to replace the “conceptual, desktop evaluation” with facts, actual data from Manchaug Pond.

So what can you do? Join us. If you are not a member of the MPA and would like to be on our mailing list email the MPA at infoMPA@charter.net.

The next meeting of the Sutton Conservation Commission is February 18th.

Stay tuned.

The Manchaug Pond Association… founded in 1967 “to promote the welfare and correct use of Manchaug Pond and the contiguous area.”

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  1. Answer: Make a serious offer to purchase the Interface property that concerns Manchaug Pond. Nothing is free in todays world!

  2. interface has used the water resource on this pond up until they left and there were no concerns about the water level because they needed the water for their manufactering process.i think now they should be accountable to bring the spillway up to standards no matter what the cost.you cant use something up and then leave town.the residents of this pond dont relize the $$$ implications to their properties nor do the towns [taxes]. interface should be accountable for the devastation of this pond period.

  3. And what if Interface did upgrade the spillway, what happens after that? Someone will need to take over maintanence and operations of the facillity. Who will be that someone and how will it be funded?

  4. I agree with the fact that the dam was OK when Interface needed the water and now that they have moved away it is no longer safe, what has changed. I have been on that lake in the summer for over 40 years and have never felt like we were in danger. If the owner has all this money for lawyers and engineers and wants to be done with the dam then give it to the association and be done.

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