“Have they already decided?”


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I am sick after reading that Interface wants to draw down the water level by so much!

How was this proposal received by the Sutton Conservation Commission? Did anyone get a feel for how they might decide, or have they already decided? Please tell me that this isn’t a done deal!
February 05, 2009 8:36 PM

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Dear Reader,
The hearing was continued. No decisions have been made. Conservation Commission members were very concerned with the new proposal having raised many questions and issues relating to the lake, the ecology around the lake, the flow and downstream habitat, weather models used, the duties of the caretaker, and the Emergency Action Plan. The Commission stated they contacted the state Riverways Program, Office of Dam Safety, Congress of Lakes and Ponds, state Fisheries and Wildlife, the authors of the Mumford River Low Flow Study and other specialists to secure their expert testimony. Under the Wetlands Protection Act, the chairman also stated that the dam owner was required to fund the hiring of an independent environmental engineering firm for the ConCom.

This is not over. The MPA and its members will continue to work hard educating those involved about Manchaug Pond. Stay with us!

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  1. Thank you for your quick response to my question. I hope that the Sutton Conservation Commission decides to request Interface pay for an independent environmental engineering firm.

    I wonder what the state Department of Environmental Protection will have to say about this. Do you know if Governor Patrick or anyone else at the state level has made progress in having the state take over control of the dam since Manchaug Pond is a Great Pond?

    Let me know what I can do to help.


  2. It seem clear that Interface does not want to be in the reservoir business, by the recent changes that they have proposed for dam operations. I know that the initial move toward a water district met Town of Sutton and land owner opposition but in light of what you are now up against it might be time to revisit it. As for the state takeover of the dam operations, with the financial condition of the state I do not think action there would be very high on the Commonwealths to do list. It is clear that Interface wants to sell the operation and there will no way out of this situation until that is accomplished.

  3. will we be able to enjoy the beauty of Lake Manchaug this summer? i’m a seasonal camper and pay $7000. per season for waterfront to enjoy its beauty;

  4. The Governor has been asked but no word. No one on the state level has ever given us any hope that the state would take Manchaug because it is a Great Pond. That was the direction the past Sutton Board of Selectman wanted us to pursue when they voted down a watershed district for Manchaug Pond.

    Also,Interface may no longer need or want a dam but they are still the owner and a very large responsible corporation. Town Conservation, DEP and DCR as well as others are representing the interest of the lake and will hold them accountable.

    Our job is to communicate the situation on Manchaug Pond.

    Stay with us.

    The state has expressed “local control” is best but they are

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