Back on the web…

Today, was a trip to Best Buy. While there, I just had to take these photos:

Creative parking!

Got to love it! “To boldly go where no Jeep has gone before.” the bumper sticker says. Not my vehicle, but I do understand the Jeep thing as 3 out of 4 of our children own/owned Jeeps.

Anyway… So why the trip? I’ve had internet/cable trouble for a couple months now. Spotty coverage/no coverage. Fios isn’t available this end of town. I bought a new MacBook. Still trouble. So if it wasn’t the computer, what was it? Well, we have also lost power numerous times and perhaps the cable, I thought, due to blown fuses on Irma Jones Rd, down pine tree on Torrey Rd, ice storms, a power line snapping on Manchaug Road – seemed like every week there was some act of nature – perhaps that is why no cable… but than yesterday in the sunshine, no internet once again. No internet all day…

So, after unplugging the wireless, and plugging the laptop directly into the modem – nothing.

So today off to buy a new modem. We’re on the world wide web and back to blogging! So you should be hearing from me more often!

Here’s a photo of creative parking on Manchaug Pond: