Caught in an Artic Votex

Where have I been?! July 28th was my last blog entry here, snuck in the one on August 2nd and now another dated August 14th! The blog has been in a big void especially with everything going on. The weatherman says we have been in an arctic vortex…. sure!

Sure! I can definitely relate to that! Look at the photo of a whole lane of artic vortexes! But with all this exceptionally rainy season, the dam owner’s representative reported the lake had come up only 11 inches by July 30. Two months later with plenty of help from nature, the dam owner missed by a few feet their new “Full” date goal of June 1st.

The weather has been swirling around us bring in storm after storm. But so has life and the issues the MPA is facing on behalf of Manchaug Pond. We are the busiest we have been in years! Save Wednesday evening, September 3rd on your calendar for Manchaug Pond.

Stay tuned and the next post will give you a major update!