MPA Talks With Governor Deval Patrick

Who cares about Manchaug Pond today? Who cares about our low water level? Who cares that some property owners around the lake still can’t get their motorboat in the water? Who cares Manchaug had a major fish kill with over 200 dead fish counted in three locations? Who cares that the spring peepers are gone from one of our coves because it is dry? Who cares that the yearly routine maintenance on the dam didn’t happen last year and hasn’t happen yet this year? Who cares that gate receipts at the state ramp are down as visitors don’t like low water, hitting rocks and broken props?

Who cares?

The MPA cares! 100 members strong, with over 40 years of stewardship, the MPA continues telling others why they need to care about Manchaug Pond.

Rep. Kujawski suggested to a couple MPA members who live in his district that they attend the Governor’s Town Meeting Tour in Webster to talk about Manchaug Pond.

Rep. Kujawski cares about Manchaug Pond.

Last Wednesday, the MPA came face to face with Governor Deval Patrick!
Right there at Bartlett High School in Webster the MPA spoke for you to the Governor.

Wait! First… tell me what you would say if you had a chance to put one question before our Governor – up close and personal like!? Think a minute… you’re at the mic… this is your moment… the floor is all yours…. everyone is quiet and waiting! What would you ask Governor Deval Patrick for Manchaug Pond? Tell us!

The MPA President Dave Schmidt asked the Governor the “big” Manchaug Pond question! and you know…

The Governor already knew about Manchaug Pond. The Governor cares!

Comment below with your question! Tells us what you think the MPA President should have said!

Read about the Governor’s tour at
(The Telegram didn’t care about Manchaug Pond and our question but they did care about the Governor visiting our district. :))

(Thanks to MPA 1st Vice President Marty Jo Henry for her photos!)

MPA continues to built sound relationships around town, around the county and around the state and a network of allies for Manchaug Pond.

(Do you want to hear the MPA question?! Let us hear your’s first!)