Monster Size Fish Head!

MPA Board Meetings… never boring… never know what can be brought up under “New Business!”

Last night a new board member brought a huge fish head to the meeting. It had washed ashore three days ago. He put it in the freezer just so he could show all of us! The picture doesn’t do it justice as it was huge!

Too bad DEP didn’t get a look at this one. Actually they were looking for live fish for the fish sampling survey yesterday as they went around Manchaug’s shore. I heard from another board member they were looking for contaminants. Routine sampling and testing. As lakes go we are clean. We have seen the lake water quality decrease over the years with increased use. Our 319 Nonpoint Source Pollution grant from DEP directly addresses pollutants from stormwater through the construction of 5 new designs – stormdrains, filtering swales, and catch basins along Manchaug Road and Holt Road and at the State Boat Ramp along with a rain garden and pervious paving.

Another major component to the grant is an educational program aimed at homeowners and livestock owners to keep household, landscape and barn pollutants out of the lake. We have already held the DEP Healthy Lawns Workshop and the Blackstone River Coalition presentation this spring. But more information from those presentations later… we’ll let this old fish have it day! It was huge!