Massachusetts Outdoor Recreation Map

More tourism talk in the news! June 27th, the day after my last post, I received a news advisory from Mass Wildlife announcing the release of the Massachusetts Outdoor Recreation Map, a directory of what the state has to offer in outdoor attractions and activities.

Ian Bowles, Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA), will release the map as part of Governor Patrick’s dedication to enhancing local tourism at a press conference July 1 at the Waldon Pond State Boat Ramp. The state explains that the “informational guide is a great resource and tool for visitors as well as residents. The guide features outdoor safety tips and ethics and helpful information such as locations of state parks, forests, reservations, beaches, and wildlife areas. The updated map is a collaboration between two EEA agencies: the Department of Fish and Game (DFG) and Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).” The map features Fishing & Boating Access Boat Launching Sites with our own Manchaug Pond ramp listed!( And No, there are no caution/warnings notes about Manchaug’s low waterlevel!!) You’ll also see on the list in the Western District the ramps of 3 Great Ponds who have protected their lakes with a Watershed District: Cheshire Lake, Lake Buel and Goose Pond. (I couldn’t resist that bit of trivia!)

This two sided map is an extremely detailed, attractive brochure, listing every state facility in the Commonwealth. A great way to promote tourism – I can see it at all the State rest stops and information centers on the highways!

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