Manchaug Pond Mentioned in Fishing Article

Here’s an article, brought to my attention by our 1st Vice President, which mentions Manchaug Pond as it comments on the effect gas prices are having on the fishing tournaments. Funny as I had forgotten about the price of gas for boats… the past two weekends we have seen little traffic from the boat ramp and it made me wonder if it was the lower waterlevel, the windy days we have been having, the never ending forecasts of bad weather the weather men keep giving… I should have thought about gas prices as our MPA President did mention putting $98 worth in his boat for the Memorial Day weekend.

At my house we are not motorboating yet and it has been too windy for the canoe!

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  1. you can think its the price of gas.But we all know its not if we had water we would have boats.Lets hope we can come up with something for next year or well have no boats and lots of dead fish.

  2. I just want to let you know how much I love this blog. I grew up spending summers at Manchaug at my granparents “camp.” My husband, I, and our three children will be there for a week and a half around the 4th. Its so much fun to see what’s going on up there and show my kids and husband (who haven’t ever visited) pictures. I hope the water level is up by then!!! Thanks for keeping our family up to date!


  4. My anonymous friends, I do know it is not the gas prices – that is probably why it never occured to me til I read the article and I am sorry I suggested it – especially when I hear the boat ramp visitors’ motors hit the rocks as they go through the causeway! How many times would you let that happen before you spread the word to your friends and go somewhere else! Our boat ramp has a full schedule of fishing tournaments lined up for this season as I posted earlier – regardless of the price of gas lets see how they feel about the low waterlevel. We also find quite a few out of state users from CT and RI at the ramp.

    From my shore, it seems the lake property owners are the only ones whose public access has been denied! There’s still a number of us whose boat is still dry docked – can’t get to the water or the ramp! Just stuck in the much!

  5. Dear Kristen! Thank you so very much for your comment! I am so very happy you and your family get to enjoy Manchaug Pond through the blog! I’ll try to take more pictures with you in mind :))
    There is nothing like growing up on the lake – my husband has more stories and now so do my children! from picking blueberries on Blueberry Island to turtle hunting in Holbrook’s Cove, the sailboat races, fireworks and boat parades, swimming all day, skiing, cookouts with family … What a perfect place!

    I will be thinking of you and your family on the 4th hoping you are having a great time! and the MPA is giving its ALL to keep the dam closed! Pray for rain!

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