Fish Kill Numbers over 150

It has been a busy week with litle time for blog posting but lots to talk about and report.

On the fish kill – Our 1st Vice President walked the end of Area 1 which extends from Bachand’s cottage to Bronson’s – the stretch on Manchaug Road next to the lake where there are no houses and is the location of “the big rock.” 116 fish. She also saw 3 at the boat ramp and 4 at her home.

I walked the Sutton side of the old causeway to find 18 fish (14 bluegills, 1 calico bass, 1 white perch and a yellow perch) The yellow perch was upside down and still breathing but I counted him as he did not look long for this world.

Wednesday- 3 on the beach including the first horn’d pout I see to add to the original 8 and 3 more the next day, the neighbor’s 9, my daughter’s 2 on the opposite shore, the President’s 3 in the opposite cove.

That brings my total up to 169 plus what you might have picked up. The wind had been blowing to this shore so by far their are more on the eastern shores.

Our 1st VP reported speaking to another biologist at Mass Fish and Wildlife, Richard Hartley, who reitereated the info provided Sunday by Todd Richards that this was the result of the pressure of the lake being low, the fluxuation in the water temperature and spawning. He did recommend informing local government, suggesting local control is recommended and would continue to serve as a resource to us.

To report a fish kill Mondays through Fridays between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, contact Richard Hartley of Mass Wildlife at 508/389-6330.

The dead fish I gathered from the shore were buried near the raspberry plants – good old fertilizer Native American style. But far too many and far too smelly.