Will Fall 2008 be another 2006?

These photos came in late last night. Taken the fall of 2006 at one of the 3 campgrounds directly on Manchaug Pond, this shows the importance of the waterlevel and how the dam owner can make you or break you.

This is a waterfront campsite. The lake begins just after the trees.

The dam owner took the water level down to make repairs to the spillway gate in 2006 – but timing being everything… that drawdown was delayed til fall after the recreation season dies down.

The low water level did have a negative impact on a couple wells, and one cove still reports no peepers or bull frogs since. The lake was brought up immediately after the repairs were completed – impact was minimized as the safety issue was fully addressed.

Today we question the need to maintain the water level low as we have heard of no threat to safety. The dam owner still owns this dam, we ask you to honor your committment and service to this community.