Manchaug Pond Foundation

Town of Sutton Responds to MPA Request!

Nice sign! I am impressed! What a week.. both the dam and the boat ramp receive major attention here on Manchaug Pond!

The dam flashboards (all seven!) were put in on Tuesday and the low outlet gate closed. The same day, just up the road, the State Public Access Boat Ramp which is managed by the Town of Sutton, received a facelift! New signs, a second mowing, and the port-o-let – which was brought in earlier – is moved to its new location.

Look at that sign! Impressive! State park brown with the Sutton “Rufus Putnam” town seal clearly marking the entrance of the ramp. (Now dead end Irma Jones Road should get less traffic from those lost boaters!) But the excitement doesn’t stop there… drive down the ramp to see a host of new signage: where to best park if you are pulling a trailer, if your boat is cartop, or if you need a handicap spot. There’s also signage explaining a few do’s and don’ts and to encourage you take all those noxious aquatic weeds off your boat motor!

Who do we thank for all this? The new Sutton Town Administrator, James Smith! Seems at a meeting between Mr. Smith and the MPA just a couple months ago, Mr. Smith asked if anything was needed at the ramp. Well, the MPA 1st Vice President, who is also our 319 grant coordinator, had requested the meeting just to update the town on the progress of our 319 NonPoint Source Pollution Progect. (She also met with Douglas!) Accompanied by the MPA Corresponding Secretary (yours truly!), we mentioned the need for signage …. and of course asked for the continued presence of the gatekeeper, gate and port-o-let which was identified as a severe need back in 1990 by the MPA to the Board of Selectman in our request for town.

What action! Detailed and timely!

Thank you, Mr. Smith and crew!