Saturday Morning – Cleaning!

While the weatherman predicted rain for this morning it never happen until afternoon. Another missed shot for the waterlevel to go up.

But the sunshine provided a great time for my husband to help one of the son-in-laws figure out why his boat motor wouldn’t keep running.

Taking the cover off revealed a nest tucked nicely inside the motor. Above and to the left of the nest is a yellow wire which was chewed right off with about 3 inches missing!

But the bulk of the nest filled the front of that engine! Incredible!

Once he vacuumed it all out with the shop vacuum, replaced the wire and put the covers back on, it started right up!

Now the son-in-law just needs to repair his dock which was damage this winter by the ice of an unusually high waterlevel. (He’s on the Douglas side in Area 7-8 where the waterlevel is higher than on our opposite shore.)