Questions, and more questions….

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So we did’nt get any new info from the May 5th meeting and I saw that the following day could shed some light on the issues. Have we had anymore progress with the dam? Are we just hoping that someone puts the boards in?

Dear Reader, The MPA is looking for two things: 1. Short term – to get the waterlevel up ASAP (Dam Owner! how about 5 of the seven boards!) to a reasonable level to ensure the safety of boaters especially those visitors from the Public Access Boat Ramp and campgrounds who don’t know the lake as well; for the health and well-being of aquatic species, amphibians and reptiles; to prevent excessive invasive aquatic weed growth; for the recreation of day campers from the YMCA facility, and the seasonal campers at the 3-4 campgrounds of the watershed; the continued economic health of the family-based businesses on Manchaug Pond and the tourism dollars they bring into our communities; as well as preserving property values of lake and near-lake property owners.
2. Long term – secure a dam owner who is interested in working with us to preserve the beautiful water resource of Manchaug Pond and its watershed.

The May 5th meeting did flush out some facts and intentions as well as a mandate for the dam owner to develop a written action/management for the dam in cases of stormy weather. That doesn’t help us with the water level today but will/could in the future. And the Office of Dam Safety did hear the over 100 emails and calls made to their office from a local campground as well as others in state and local government.

We haven’t given up hope nor are we sitting back waiting. We are actively building on the May 5th meeting, broadening the circle of people/agencies we are having conversations with concerning the water level. Don’t lose hope and if you’re a camper – make those reservations as you don’t want to lose your spot!