Dams in the News: Channel 5 Reports the Unsafe

Sunday night the Channel 5 news at 11 highlighted unsafe dams in Massachusetts.

Of course the Manchaug Pond dam did NOT make the broadcast nor did it make the list provided by the Office of Dam Safety.

Check out this link yourself to read the Channel 5 investigation, to view the video broadcast and to check out a pdf list from Dam Safety of unsafe and poorly kept dams.

The past few weeks we have heard some tall tales and good rumors being told about Manchaug Pond and its dam. One of our MPA officers was across town in the Sutton village of Wilkinsonville at a local store only to hear tales being told of the condition of our dam. Again, Manchaug is a well-maintained dam: the MPA has on file years of inspection reports and has been kept informed as to repairs and the like from the dam owner.

This photo taken in October of 2006 by our President during a tour of the dam while repairs and improvements were being made. This is a view of the inside of the spillway.