Congratulations to Whitin Reservoir!

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We’re glad all will soon be in the Water.I live on the douglas res.and have been following the excellent job you’ve done keeping your residents informed. I wish our web was updated so promply.
enjoy the summer
a neighbor down the lake

Thank you! I am glad you are enjoying the MPA blog over the hill on the Douglas Res. You have a beautiful, quiet lake and I hear the boating and fishing is so much better on your private lake!

As our association’s Corresponding Secretary, I started this blog in March of 2006 to offer a means of getting the latest news out quickly and timely – something a hardcopy newsletter can’t do. Besides the updates on the water level and water quality, the blog allows a view of the lake to the many seasonal property owners, campers, and day visitors. Others outside our association and community also loved to read of our goals, efforts and achievements as stewards of our water resource. As an informal vehicle for communication, it allows for comments/discussion, polls and the posting of beautiful photos and quips about life on the lake – foxes, eagles, sunsets, etc. Our stat counter tells us we had 1186 visitors so far this month!

But enough about the blog! I should be complimenting YOU and your newly formed association on your great achievement- A WATERSHED DISTRICT!

Tuesday, while Manchaug Pond was cheering the closed dam and new signs at our state ramp, the property owners of Whitin Reservoir took control of their future with the passage of “An Act to establish the WHITIN RESERVOIR WATERSHED DISTRICT!” Yes, their legislation passed! On Tuesday, May 13th, Governor Deval Patrick signed the legislation filed by Senator Richard Moore and Representative Paul Kujawski on their behalf and that of the Town of Douglas. This District will certainly give the property owners and the town of Douglas a strong mechanism to preserve this water resource and put control in the hands of those directly affected and those who know and love it best!

Congratulations! Wish we could boast the same!

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