Boards Still Out, Prop Problems

Our MPA President confirmed that as of last night around 6:30 there are still NO flashboards in the dam spillway and the reports received from lake neighbors concerning a fence were true. President Dave confirmed the fence was extended higher around the gate.

We would all like a few flashboards in especially with the rain we had last night. We’ll see if the dam owner is hearing our cry from around the lake. I know putting flashboards back into the spillway is definitely a two man job… so perhaps the mill has to find a second man off the street to help the lone millkeeper. I know, I know, about 50 of you would volunteer and be down there in a flash to lend him a hand!! :)) So helpful, concerned and cooperative! That’s us! Seriously, let’s hope they take action today! This is not making for good relations and it is costing businesses around the lake dearly.

And how about last night’s fishing tournament from the club using the state Public Access Boat Ramp?! With 15 plus boats out there, and I was wondering how they were all doing navigating around the rocks especially when they love to fish the shoreline!

Sure enough, as my husband and a neighbor sat and watched them heading home through the old causeway, they heard the all too familiar CLUNK of a motor hitting a rock. Big bucks for those fancy boats, hope it is just a prop that was damaged. How about this one from Battleship Cove in Fall River!