Blue Skies, Wind and NO RAIN!

Sun again. Wind again. (Don, what does your weather station say, as this is not a breeze we are experiencing?!)

Although we have had a few showers here and there since the flashboards went in and the gate closed down a bit we are not getting enough to get
water to many docks. I did notice a small pontoon boat went in over the
weekend in area 2 of Manchaug Pond and appears to be docked in about 6 inches of water. The sand bar of what used to be Blueberry Island remains exposed…..

… and jeez… lets think creatively now! Maybe we should look into hydro and windpower! We did look into hydro power a couple years ago if we were a district and Alternatives Limited has harnessed the power of the Mumford River under a huge grant already! The town of Hull boast the big wind mill powering 500 homes and Sutton’s own King Farm on Central Turnpike now has its own windmill!

A week or more of wind has just got to me!

Rain is in the forecast for the weekend to help bring the waterlevel up. Evaporation is a concern for June, July and August and then there is the dam owner’s discussion of maintaining us at the rule curve (instead of their traditional levels above the curve!) and maintaining the 16 cfs for the Town of Douglas Sewage Treatment Plant will take the level down even further. Whitin I hear is closed tight. Well, Steven’s is maintaining the flow for the moment!

Sure wish we could go back to the days when Fuddy, our faithful 24/7 dam caretaker for 20 years, reigned!