Snow Cover + Warm Temperatures + Rain = Runoff Problems

Manchaug Pond is fed by runoff from the watershed – not by springs. This means that the waterlevel of the pond goes up with precipitation and from the water that drains in from the surrounding yards, forests and hillsides. Today’s warm temperatures caused most of the 2 inch snowcover in the watershed to melt. With frozen and saturated ground and heavy rains, this brought a lot of water into the lake from the watershed.

Of concern to the MPA are the problems which arise from this stormwater runoff: flooded roads, erosion, non-point source pollution of sediment, organic matter, road salt, etc. Our 319 grant will address 5 such problem sites around the lake.

These photos taken today show just 2 out of over 20 non-point source pollution problem areas identified around Manchaug Pond.

The 319 grant will address pipes such as this which go directly into the lake to be replaced with retention pools, stormdrains and other designs which will filter the stormwater before it gets to the lake. Eliminating these sources of pollution will greatly reduce aquatic weed growth and improve the quality of the waters of Manchaug Pond.

Thanks to our 1st Vice President and 319 Grant Coordinator for the photos!