Press Release Announces Grant Award

The following press release and two photos taken by the MPA 1st Vice President is starting to be picked up by local newspapers. The September 20th issue of the Millbury-Sutton Chronicle published the grant announcement with the view of Manchaug Pond from Waters Farm photo. The press release was written largely by the environmental engineer at CEI and edited by the MPA President, 1st Vice President/Grant Coordinator and Corresponding Secretary and reviewed by the MPA Board of Directors…


Contact: David Schmidt, President Manchaug Pond Association (508) 476-7804
Eileen Pannetier, President Comprehensive Environmental Inc. 603-424-8444 x301

Local Watershed Group Awarded $130,000 State Grant for Pond Improvements

Douglas/Sutton, MA – September 15, 2007 – Over 40 years ago, 35 families with a common interest to protect a pond banned together to form the Manchaug Pond Association (MPA). Forty years later, the group now boasts a membership of over 100 member families along with several businesses and a nonprofit group. With an 18 member volunteer Board of Directors, the group celebrates their 40th anniversary with energy, optimism and an impressive grant awarded to them by the MA Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP).

A picturesque area, the 360acre Manchaug Pond lies within Douglas and Sutton and has been slowly degrading over the past few decades. Likely a result of increased development pressures and various nonpoint source pollution inputs, residents have seen a rise in algal blooms and invasive aquatic plants and a decrease in water quality. The MPA lead by Mr. David Schmidt, President and Ms. Marty Jo Henry Vice-President, worked with Comprehensive Environmental, Inc. (CEI), a Milford based engineering and science firm to develop conceptual designs and a successful grant application for funds to help improve the water quality of the pond.

The MassDEP s.319 Nonpoint Source Pollution Grant will provide the MPA with almost $130,000 in funds to be spent on stormwater improvements utilizing Low Impact Development (LID) techniques within the watershed and citizen education on issues such as septic system maintenance and other residential LID techniques such as landscaping with buffer zones and rain gardens to limit runoff of fertilizer nutrients and animal wastes. The grant also includes storm drain management improvements that will be implemented by the towns. The group will provide a 40% grant match with volunteer hours as well as in-kind staff hours to be provided by the Towns of Sutton and Douglas. CEI is currently developing engineering designs for construction with work expected to begin this summer for completion sometime in 2008.

The MPA is a non-profit organization made up of volunteer property owners within the Manchaug Pond Watershed whose mission is “to promote the welfare and correct use of Manchaug Pond and the contiguous area.” Online at

CEI is a local employee-owned civil and environmental engineering and science firm serving the New England area with a focus on comprehensive stormwater, wastewater, water supply engineering, planning and design. Online at