Douglas Selectman SUPPORT Creation of District!!

YES! 5-0! Unanimous! It was like winning the World Series!
Manchaug Pond Nation!
A year and a half of research, meetings, setbacks, more meetings, more facts, more meetings and finally the vote…

Last night the Town of Douglas Board of Selectman voted unanimously to support “the creation of a watershed district for Manchaug Pond!”

The MPA was allowed to present all our information: the numbers, the support, the reasons and benefits, existing precedents of existing districts preserving “Great Ponds”, and our intent and direction. A good number of people from around the pond – Douglas and Sutton alike – were allowed to speak from the heart about their love of the lake and desire to protect this “gem” of a resource.

Douglas Selectman would like us to continue our work with Sutton before the exact language of the Act is reviewed. As the District Clerk of Cedar Meadows Lake Watershed District advised us early on: “Educate, educate, educate!”

Our work continues….
This is the link to view the Selectman’s meeting on your home computer… See for
yourself! Watch the August 21st meeting and wait for the posting of last night’s Sept. 4th meeting. They did have video problems and the Selectman who is also vice-chair of the cable committee had to improvise. But it is all worth listening to!