Annual Meeting & Picnic 2007

Saturday, August 18th is the date of this year’s MPA Annual Meeting and Picnic. Where your voice is heard and your opinion and friendship is valued! 🙂

The business portion of the meeting will begin at 10:30 with agenda items to include the Manchaug Pond NonPoint Source Improvement Project and the Manchaug Pond Watershed District initiative.

The picnic will begin as usual at noon or there abouts. You’ll notice a change in the menu this year. (Actually I was slightly shocked when the Board voted to deviate from the traditional. It wasn’t unanimous but a very good majority made the decision.) In true picnic style we will enjoy grinders and pizza from Harry’s as well as our traditional Helen’s Bakery brownies which a few of us just couldn’t go without! Hot coffee and cold soda will also be served. Why the change? Well, our head chef and Picnic Director Maureen from Area 3 recently moved away from the lake, and our new location does not have running water for clean up purposes. Cost remains the same at $5 for adults and $2 for children.

Embroidered MPA baseball hats and visors will be on sale. Yes, visors! (at the request of our treasurer :)) A 50/50 raffle will add to the excitement.

The meeting will be held in a new location this year. Yes, another change! King’s Campground will host us at the Pavilion. Why the change? Well, our older members have complained about the rugged terrain at our traditional site of Camp Blanchard. King’s will provide a clean site, on the lake, easy to find, with plenty of parking. Attendant’s will be on hand to assist and direct you, most may park in the lot across from the store.

See you there! Don’t forget!