Selectman Vote to Support Watershed District!

Congratulations to the Whitin Reservoir Association and the Douglas Board of Selectman for working together to craft legislation to protect both the reservoir and the interests of the town’s people. The Board voted unanimously in favor of the formation of a watershed district! (4-0-1 as a newly elected selectman abstained from the vote.)

Last night legal counsel for both the town and the association further reviewed and “tweeked” the language of the document making it acceptable to both groups. Considered was expanding the town’s involvement to a voting seat on the district’s management committee, expanding the management committee from 3 to 5 members, further limiting the eminent domain powers to just the dam, and adding language to ensure the flow to the town’s wastewater treatment plant if the association were to ever have ownership of the dam.

Over 25 member of the association were present to hear the Selectman’s vote of support and broke out into applause as selectman thanked the group for their efforts and spoke of the satisfaction with the compromise.