Haybale Maze?

My husband came home a few weeks ago with “You’ve got to see this!” Neither the property owner building the new summer cottage, my husband nor I had heard of this…
an access for critters mandated by the Conservation Commission!

It is a break in the fence which allows wildlife to come up from the lake yet still prevents erosion into the lake during construction. Wouldn’t you know that beside this duck, a snapping turtle was found last week on the construction site! Each year a female snapper comes up from the lake at this house or the one next to it, crosses the road and heads up the neighbor’s lawn to find a spot in the shrub bed to lay its eggs.

Incredible isn’t it! And to think we could be living in a 3 decker in Worcester missing all this! 🙂

Enjoy the lake! Today was the longest day of the year I’m told.