Waterlevel Stablizes at 3 ” Over Full

Here’s an update on the water level for those of you who can’t just look out the window!

As of yesterday we are 3 inches over full but the height of the water on Manchaug Pond had leveled off, with no change reported in a 24 hour period.

Last Saturday morning while the sun was shining and before the rains came, the low flow gate was opened to the max. It remained open as the rains came down bringing 5 inches or more to the area. The significant run-off from a saturated soil of the watershed accounts for heavy water running into the lake and the considerable increase in the level. With the lake on a steady rise and an over full level, flooding was the concern. – some homeowners already reporting damage to docks and sunk boats. Weds morning a board was taken out of the spillway to further arrest the rising waters. Thursday morning’s reading showed success with no increase in the water level.

Driving around the lake earlier in the week, on Manchaug Road in Sutton and on Oak Street, Douglas, I could see how the storm drain grant will not only benefit the lake but also the roadways where large puddles form and streams of water slow traffic and make for ice conditions in cooler temperatures.

Blue skys, warmer temperatures, and no rain are in sight for the weekend. Last evening I watched an eagle circle and glide high above the treetops over Torrey Road for quite a while and then head across the lake toward Area 8. Seems this magestic bird was also enjoying the spring sunshine.