Water Over the Causeway

The waterlevel is up! The two inches plus of rain and the inch of snow
cover has the water level up so that the causeway wall is under water
and the Big Rock at the other end of the lake as of yesterday only had
about 6 inches showing. The water is roaring out of the Manchaug dam but
the dam at Sutton Falls is also roaring. The water coming in, rain, snow melt and runoff from the watershed is bringing us ever closer to full! (Remember Lycott Environmental told us our lake was fed by runoff from the watershed not spring fed.)

Also the spring newsletter is in the making. If you would like to submit an
article, historical piece, question to the Skipper or an editorial, children’s piece,
classified advertisement or announcement – all are welcome! I did have two individuals ask if their name could be left off their submission. Fine by me, but please be sure to credit original authors, or references for historical pieces, and quotes.