Bald Eagle Preliminary Count

Released January 29, 2007

“Preliminary eagle count reports from a concentrated surveying effort on January 5, 2007, by MassWildlife staff and volunteer observers resulted in 49 American Bald Eagles and 1 Golden Eagle. This event was part of a two week nationwide Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey conducted annually in January. Sightings from observers and other interested citizens are still coming into the office. These reports will be compiled and analyzed at a later date.

A tally of eagle sightings by area from the January 5th survey are as follows: 21 –Quabbin Reservoir (16 adults, 5 immature); 11 — CT River (adults); 2 — Westfield River (adults); 1 — Sandisfield (adult); 1 — Blandford (adult); 2– Wachusett Reservoir (adults); 3 — Merrimack River (adults); 6 — Lakeville/Middleboro area (4 adults, 2 immature); 2 — Watuppa Pond, Fall River (adults); 1 — Westport River, Westport (adult); 1 — Great Herring Pond, Plymouth (adult). The Golden eagle and two new eagle nests were seen at the Quabbin Reservoir. As of 2006, there were at least 25 known nesting territories in the state with successful fledging of 16 eaglets.

Eagle restoration efforts have been funded over the years from a number of sources; funding has come from the former Bank of Boston, and hunting and fishing license fees (Massachusetts’ Inland Fish & Game Fund), the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Fund, as well as support from National Grid, federal aid from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Massachusetts Audubon Society. Citizens who wish to contribute to other protection and restoration efforts for important rare wildlife and their habitat can donate directly to the Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Fund or contribute on the “endangered wildlife conservation” line on your Massachusetts income tax form with all such contributions being deposited into the Fund. To those who have donated over the years: Thank You! For those who haven’t, please join us in supporting this important wildlife conservation effort.”