Sutton Selectman’s Meeting Last Night

Click the title of this blog entry to read what the Telegram reporter got out of last night’s meeting.

After hearing Sutton Selectmen last night, one, or I should say two, things stay uppermost in my mind:

1. we need a district to give ALL PROPERTY OWNERS a voice!
whether you love or hate the MPA, whether you’re a Douglas or a Sutton resident, whether you’re a registered voter or not, whether you’re a business or individual, whether you have been on the lake 106 years or 1 year, whether you formed the association or never heard of it, whether you swim or otherwise use the lake you live on or not. A District would give you the vote by ballot or proxy and the facts- you’d decide. Whether you want a Dam or not. Whether you want chemical weed control or not. What action or non action you want on any other subject.
(see MPA’s Proposed Objective #1 for the District: “Provide a strong, single voice for the over 120 current property owners abutting Manchaug Pond who reside in 32 communities in 7 states.”)

2. we need to remember our common goal is the welfare of Manchaug Pond! There was no vision in that discussion last night. Actually there was more accusations than facts or discussion. No direction, or planning for the future.

Here’s a beautiful photo of Manchaug Pond from Water’s Farm in Sutton.