Spring Blooms, Snow Melt and Higher Water

Spring is here! The ice and snow are history and my daughter looking forward to her first swim! Here the snowdrops are blooming in the yard once again having made their first appearance in January.

With a good snow cover in the watershed and the lake covered in ice, the high temperature and strong winds caused a tremendous melt which brought the lake up quick. I haven’t heard how much the lake went up but the gate had been opened 12″ and then closed down to 8″ and then this week to 6″. This retain more of the melt and bringing us closer to the level Interface considers as “full”. What usually isn’t in the equation this time of the year is the ice. This month the lake was totally covered with ice! Damage looks to have hit only a few docks and the channel markers. The markers are bent back toward the south as the ice flow was thick and strong. The camera battery is charging so I’ll get you a photo later.

A nearby dock took on a wacky Z shape as the ice flow pressed on. It was amazing as the front legs of the dock was only in a couple inches of water before the wind started breaking up the ice and never was damaged in past years. Splintering the front sectionin half and pushing the legs down, it is a sight. A dock across the lake has the crooked leg syndrome, otherwise I haven’t heard of any other damage. The rock of the channel blocked the ice flow preventing damage in the area beyond and then most of the coves offered protection.